When the Shark and The Fish First Met



The story "When the Shark and The Fish First Met" was written by Gilad Schalit in 1997, when he was 11 years old. The symbolic story tells of the meeting between a young fish and shark who decide to be friends despite the tension and natural enmity between the two. 


The artists Lee Rimon and Itschak de Lange have decided to take advantage of this story as a way to keep the kidnapped soldier in the public eye. They invited the Israeli Illustrators' Association to illustrate the story and to exhibit it in the The Edge Gallery in Nahariya, Israel.


Gilad’s parents have written a letter inviting the children in Israel and around the world to illustrate this story, their illustrated books are also an important part of the exhibition.


The exhibition was first exhibited at "The Edge Gallery" on November 2007.

Since then the wandering exhibition continues to be shown in other parts of Israel.


  Translations of the story and coloring book ألعربية русский, Français, Italiano


Click here for the Hebrew page


The Schalit's letter:


  Dear Children, Parents,Teachers.

  Our son Gilad has been held in captivity for over two years now. We have no concrete indication of his physical or mental condition.

  We need your help in order to make sure that Gilad would not be forgotten. We ask for your involvement and cooperation so that we
  can maintain this matter on top of the public agenda.

  In order to better acquaint you with the issue, we have attached here a story that Gilad had written when he was 11 years old, in fifth
  grade. He wrote this symbolic story, which tells about the friendship that is formed between a fish and a shark in spite of the natural
  enmity that exists between the two species.

  Gilad's mother, Aviva, illustrated the book when it was first written.

  We are inviting you, too, to illustrate Gilad's story, each one in his own way, and to discuss the story and how it relates to Gilad's
  kidnapping incident. 

   By doing so, we keep Gilad in our minds and our hearts.

  Attached to this letter:

  1. The story that Gilad Schalit wrote, in its illustrated version

  2. The story, without illustration, so that you can print and illustrate yourself.

  The story is also available on line at: www.gilad.org

  On the site you can find updates of the various activities being done to urge Gilad's release, take part in the continuing effort and leave
  your comments.

  We all hope that the day will come soon, bringing friendship and good relations between "The Fish and the Shark" as Gilad wrote,
  so that we all shall live in peace and serenity.

  Sincerely Yours,

  Noam and Aviva Schalit